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Gaetano Biancardi


Senior Manager

Passionate about innovation and culture. Outside of work, you can find me in a bar reading a book, or listening to good music.

What I do: I am Telecommunication Senior Solution Architect, with Gaetano with over 11 years of experience grown around the globe. I love my work in bringing innovative solutions to simplify the Communication Service Provider landscape. Innovation is real when shared: I actively collaborate in a Telecommunications standardization organization, as TMF, to design a bright future for my industry.; I co-work and co-create with partners the Telco Industry Cloud-Native Architecture of the future now.

Why I do it: Telecommunications is in my DNA, since my birth. I want my Industry to grow its relevance, by connecting people and make their life easier.

Why Accenture: it's the most fast-evolving company I have ever seen. It's always inspiring my Accenture to bring together culture, business, technology innovation together and how this is at pace becoming the living enterprise DNA.


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19 June 2024




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circleComposable IT: The Superpower​
Masterclass: Component Conformance – What Does it Mean?

The ODA Components Masterclass will focus on taking the attendees through the conformance certification process of the ODA Components identified in the Business Architecture Masterclass immediately preceding this session in the same room.

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