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Jon Penrose


Industry Principal - Telecommunications

Jon Penrose is the Telecommunication Industry Principal for the EMEA region at Snowflake. He works with Communication Service Providers (CSP) and Network Equipment Providers (NEP) to help develop their data and cloud strategies; as well as helping them to define use cases and business delivery frameworks to create sustainable competitive advantage from their data. Prior to joining Snowflake, Jon worked as a Data and Analytics Strategist at Amazon Web Services (AWS), and as a Strategic Consultant at Ab Initio Software. He also led the Telecommunications Consulting Practice at Teradata; focussing on the creation of business value to Telco customers thorough advanced analytics to support enhanced network and customer intelligence capabilities.


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19 June 2024




Stage C

circleAmplifying Intelligent Networks​
traingleAI (Artificial Intelligence)
traingleClosed loop automation
How to Disassemble Operational Support Systems (OSS) to Enhance Network Flexibility, Scalability, And Interoperability?

As the demand for efficient and seamless network operations escalates, mastering end-to-end automation becomes crucial. This session offers a deep dive into zero-touch operations, multi-domain E2E orchestration, and multi-vendor automation, highlighting intelligent solutions reshaping network management.