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Marc Price


MATRIXX Software

As Global Chief Technology Officer, Marc Price accelerates MATRIXX Software’s worldwide growth through key software and solutions delivery initiatives. He works closely with the MATRIXX executive leadership, engineering and product management teams to drive industry-leading technology into the market and spearheads strategic engagement with key customers and partners.
With almost thirty years of experience in the telecommunications market, Marc has held pivotal roles during the establishment of the real-time charging model, the changing landscape of digital transformation and the move to hybrid clouds and IoT. Prior to joining MATRIXX, he worked for Openet serving as CTO for the Americas where he led initiatives for software development, systems consulting and business development.


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18 June 2024




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circleComposable IT: The Superpower​
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How Do Open APIs and Reusable Platform Capabilities Fuel Transformation and Innovation?

Open APIs and reusable platform capabilities play a critical role in driving digital transformation and fostering innovation within IT. Through discussions on service orchestration, assurance, and the strategies for building a next-gen composable business, attendees will explore how composable IT and Open APIs advance agility, operational efficiency, and revenue growth in the digital era.

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