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Willie Stegmann


CIO Corporate IT Services

Willie Stegmann recently made the move from Vodacom to Vodafone Group, as the CIO and director of corporate Functions and Strategy & Architecture. Having joined Vodacom as CIO in 2017, Willie focussed on enabling the organisation to establish itself as a leading Digital company, in which SAFe Agile practices played a fundamental role in changing and accelerating ways of working. With SAFe widely adopted across Vodacom the technology agenda was elevated, cumulating in improved speed to market. Willie was instrumental on the establishment of Vodacom financial services including the launch of the VODAPAY platform. He was responsible for IT across 8 markets in Vodacom.

In his Vodafone Group role, Willie is set to demonstrate the continued benefits of Agile adoption as Vodafone looks to deliver customer centric digital solutions, while optimising platforms and eliminating complexity for faster growth and greater future-ready innovation. Willie is leading the corporate IT transformation initiative with SAP as a strategic partner. Willie has an academic background in engineering and commerce, completing his B.Eng and M.Comm degrees through University of Johannesburg. In addition, an advanced managements programme (AMP) at MIT in 2015. Over the last 25 years he has fulfilled numerous IT and Business leadership roles across a variety of industries.


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