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Are you ready to build amazing, innovative solutions with AI and APIs?

If so, unlock your creative potential and create extraordinary solutions during DTW24 - Ignite by taking part in one of our ground-breaking Hackathons.

Taking part in a hackathon provides unparalleled opportunities for skill development, networking, and gaining hands-on experience with advanced AI and API technologies, all while driving the adoption of industry standards and innovation.

Applications are now open!

Harness the potential of your creativity, merging it seamlessly with the capabilities of our advanced AI tools from Google Cloud as well as using and advancing TM Forum assets.

You will be diving into your companies' real-world challenges across areas such as customer experience, IT, Networks, HR and innovation, solving critical problems by building cutting edge solutions.

The Challenge: Utilize TM Forum Guru to demonstrate how you can harness its capabilities to address a substantial business challenge within your organization.

TM Forum Guru is an enterprise search agent built with Google's Gemini, that sits on top of TM Forum's decades of accumulated industry knowledge and standards and provides synthesized industry insights at Member's fingertips.

Harnessing TM Forum Guru's capabilities could involve expediting the deployment components, obtaining customer documentation, designing, and deploying autonomous networks, or strategizing for major business endeavours using TM Forum resources. You will need to show the integration of TMF Forum Guru using enterprise data. You could show the integration of TMF Forum Guru with enterprise data to solve your business problems

Get first-hand experience with TM Forum ODA components and Open API assets with the guidance of TM Forum’s Guru, by generating use cases, impact assessment details, architecture diagrams, sequence diagrams, API examples, sample implementation code, and test cases.

Sponsored by:

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TM Forum & Jio Async API Hackathon Challenge is designed to be the premier platform for telecommunication industry leaders to collaboratively develop and showcase cutting-edge solutions using the ASync APIs. This hackathon provides unparalleled opportunities for skill development, networking, and gaining hands-on experience with advanced API technologies, all while driving the adoption of industry standards and innovation.

Individuals from TM Forum member companies with the following job titles are welcome to join this Hackathon:

  • API Developers / API Architect / Solution Architects
  • Front-End Developers / Back-End Developers / Event-Driven Architecture Experts
  • ODA System Integrators / Microservice Developer / Component Developers


  • Innovation: Encourage the development of applications and end-to-end integrations using the set of async APIs.
  • Collaboration: Facilitate collaboration among member companies to solve real-world business challenges using TMF's ASync APIs.
  • Adoption: Promote the adoption of standardized APIs to improve interoperability and efficiency within the industry.
  • Training: Provide hands-on training and experience with the latest API technologies.
  • Exploration: Allow participants to see and work with the new V5 asynchronous APIs.

Supported by:

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Who Can Participate?

  • Service provider member companies of TM Forum
  • Google Cloud AI Hackathon: Global teams of TM Forum member companies comprising of four to five people per team.
  • A minimum of 1 team members must be on-site with the remaining team members taking part virtually.
  • Maximum of five companies
  • TM Forum API Hackathon: Individuals from TM Forum member companies

Award Judging Criteria

Impact and Innovation (30%)

  • Will this solution will demonstrate the most compelling real world business cases
  • Is this solution the most creative and innovative?

Challenge Fit and Feasibility (20%)

  • How relevant is the project to challenge?
  • Is the solution feasible and implementable at scale?

Technical Execution (30%)

  • How well has the team utilized the available platform and technologies?
  • How easy is the solution to use and implement?
  • How advanced is the solution?
  • How well have the teams used TM Forum ODA-AI ready assets?

User Experience (20%)

  • Is your solution user-friendly and accessible?
  • Is it easy to interact with?