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TM Forum Industry Showcase

Meet the experts and learn the tools and knowledge to help re-ignite growth at TM Forum's Industry Showcase in the Quad. Hear the latest innovations, and see ODA in practice.

We bring together all the learnings of our members and showcase on our ODA in Action stage how to solve the key challenges the industry faces as it becomes fit enough to stay in the race for growth. 

Simply your design Learn how we're supporting organizational change by helping to streamline design processes with ODA. Discover how we are helping CSPs assess, align, and map their current and future capabilities for new service implementation.

Modernize your build Learn how to build your ecosystem using our Gen5 Open APIs, ODA Components, and ODA Canvas within a cloud-based IT and Network environment.

Automate your operations Learn how to simplify operations through automation. Discover how ODA supports the industry to manage and operate new services and technologies autonomously, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Explore how data governance and AI capabilities are interwoven into our work to support CSPs in the new AI-native era, and discover real-world AI innovations examples within our ODA and Innovation Hub area.

Hear from the sharpest minds powering change in our industry.

The TM Forum Stage Agenda at DTW24 – Ignite features inspiring talks from experts across telco and cloud with interactive Q&A’s

Featured Sessions



19 June 2024




TM Forum Industry Showcase

circleAI in Action​
traingleAI (Artificial Intelligence)
traingleEcosystem management
traingleODA (Open Digital Architecture)
Discover Our Members Use ODA In Action To Drive Everything From Growth To Implementing New Ecosystems

These sessions will take you from design through building to deploying new composable services including from AWS How Generative AI Gateway (GW), will become a design primitive for telcos to effectively govern, accelerate, and scale their Generative AI (GenAI) deployment.



20 June 2024




TM Forum Industry Showcase

circleComposable IT: The Superpower​
traingleODA (Open Digital Architecture)
traingleOpen APIs
Members Presenting What Drove Them To Being Powered By ODA

Don't just take our word for it, listen to our members presenting why Running on ODA and Ready for ODA are so importantl from them to drive efficiency, growth and simplified collaboration.