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Lester Thomas


Head of New Technologies and Innovation

Chief Systems Architect and Distinguished Engineer at Vodafone Group Plc. Responsible for Vodafone’s Open Digital Architecture Strategy, including their transformation to a platform-oriented, cloud-native, agile and API first company. Also a TM Forum Distinguished Fellow and champion for the TM Forum Open API programme.

I am passionate about the role Telecoms can play in society and how technology can help build a smarter and more sustainable future.

Prior to Vodafone, I was Chief Technology Officer at an internet start-up and also spent 4 Years working in consulting across Europe and USA. I have a PhD in Digital Information Theory from the University of Wales and held a post-Doctorate research position at the University of Cambridge.

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19 June 2024




Spotlight Stage

circleComposable IT: The Superpower​
Masterclass: Component Conformance – What Does it Mean?

The ODA Components Masterclass will focus on taking the attendees through the conformance certification process of the ODA Components identified in the Business Architecture Masterclass immediately preceding this session in the same room.