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Suren Pinto


Chief Executive Officer

Suren Pinto, a trailblazer in the telecommunications industry, is the CEO and Founder of Wavenet, based in Singapore. With a remarkable track record spanning over 20 years, Suren has propelled Wavenet to become a global technology leader at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation. His deep industry knowledge and steadfast dedication to driving digital evolution have been instrumental in shaping Wavenet's focus on driving zero-touch technology for an elevated customer experience.

Suren's journey, sparked by serendipity, has led to the development of a comprehensive suite of innovative software and infrastructure solutions tailored for both wired and wireless carriers worldwide. These cutting-edge solutions have empowered leading telco companies across 30 countries spanning 4 continents over the past two decades.

Under Suren's leadership, Wavenet has been at the forefront of transitioning digital telecoms into intelligent telecoms. The company has also expanded into the realms of Digital Healthtech and the Digital Enterprise ecosystem through the integration of AI, Big Data, the IoMT, Mixed Reality, and other transformative technologies.


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