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AWS showcases AI acceleration at DTW24 - Ignite in Copenhagen

Cloud has proven to be a robust, mature platform utilized by CSPs to deliver innovative use cases that are digitizing industries, transforming telcos, and reimagining the consumer experience. At DTW24 - Ignite, AWS showcases this innovation journey telecom operators take together with ISVs to accelerate to techco with the use of AI/ML and generative AI.

Time to explore use cases through first-hand demonstrations

AWS customers from the telecom sector will share several demonstrations that attendees at the show can explore to learn how to apply the latest capabilities most efficiently. At the same time, ISVs take the next steps to apply generative AI to the sector. At the AWS booth upstairs on the mezzanine level:

  • Ericsson will introduce large language model intelligence and 5G slicing automation.
  • T-Mobile offers insights into RAN optimization through generative AI-enabled chatbots.
  • Amdocs and Fieldforce will introduce life cycle management for enterprise connectivity supported by generative AI.
  • Totogi will showcase BSS innovation for CSPs in an example with MTN.
  • CSG illustrates the advantages of generative AI-powered billing experiences to increase loyalty through personalized customer journeys.
  • For digitizing industries, Snowflake will introduce smart network operations in airports with generative AI and digital twins.
  • RedHat, Intraway, and BeyondNow join forces with TELUS to show how agriculture is transformed with 5G and MEC that combine connectivity with an AI-driven recommendation engine.
  • Another key focus of DTW24 - Ignite is on leveraging APIs on the network side, where Vonage introduces network APIs for fraud detection.
  • And on ODA – Open Digital Architecture, attendees can explore a demonstration from Bell Canada and Omantel together with ServiceNow and BeyondNow.

Interested attendees can make sure to sign up for a curated demonstration tour at the AWS booth by requesting it through the DTW24 - Ignite attendee guide from AWS.

A conference program full of insight and inspiration

One of the key advantages of DTW24 - Ignite is the depth of information, knowledge, insight, and experience sharing offered by the conference program from TM Forum. AWS contributes to this aim by taking several topics to the stage together with CSPs. Aligned to the DTW24 - Ignite core topics, attendees can access key sessions from AWS, customer, and partner speakers.

  • On the first day, TM Forum will lead into the opening keynotes with Chivas Nambiar from AWS discussing techco acceleration together with Telenor.
  • With Spark New Zealand the program will explore growth through the use of hyper-personalization.
  • With Telefonica, the focus will be on growth by innovating around connectivity based on the network of the future.
  • Key learnings on successful ODA implementation will be shared by Bell Canada, while AWS adds build modernization insights.
  • The second day is focused on generative AI with opening keynote sessions from AWS with NVIDIA and Anthropic, impact stage presentations on AI governance that enables generative AI scaling, and a session with BT on how to effectively deploy generative AI while improving developer productivity.
  • This is complemented by a masterclass for start-ups on using the cloud to effectively access the telecom sector.

To make the most of the conference program, attendees can check the DTW24 - Ignite website with the agenda listing all sessions with AWS speakers.

Accelerated innovation through catalyst collaboration

A key differentiator of TM Forum’s DTW24 - Ignite is the strong collaboration angle across the telecom industry. And the Catalyst projects are one of the mechanisms that bring joint innovation to life.

Giving Catalyst participants the necessary room to show and introduce their projects to enable knowledge sharing, and to provide inspiring insights, makes for a key treat for attendees not to miss.

AWS will collaborate with several Catalysts this year and looks forward to the exhibition featuring their outcomes. As part of the Moonshot Catalyst Program, AWS features participation in the following catalysts:

  • DBM: Securing the supply chain
  • Mighty Minions: Unleashing domain-specific generative AI via SLMs
  • Holistic intelligence and generative AI to accelerate 5G monetization
  • AI-driven offer lifecycle management
  • AI Smart CapEx for green and efficient network investments
  • Sustainable and autonomous IOT ecosystems
  • Generative AI-powered language agnostic business operations
  • Responsible AI
  • reNOVATE AI: Rejuvenating network build and operations through AI
  • AI-driven EBIDTA mastery: Revolutionizing customer journeys

To plan their Catalyst exhibition journey, participants can check the TM Forum Catalyst Program and filter for Amazon Web Services. Alternatively, Catalysts are also featured in the AWS attendee guide to the event.

At DTW24 - Ignite you can find out how AWS can help the telecom sector take your business to the next level with the power of a cloud infrastructure that’s architected to be flexible and secure. Check out the AWS page for DTW24 - Ignite to find out more.

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